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1 day ago

Angela Schmiede, Zach Osborne, and Andrea Peeters are the faces of the Internship Program at Menlo College. All three of them are here to help Menlo students find an internship in the Bay Area. They work tirelessly to create connections with local companies and organizations so students can have the best possible internship experience. This semester we will take a look at different Menlo College interns from the summer and learn more about their opportunities and experiences. #MenloInterns

In the photo: Andrea (Director of Student Success), Zach (Director of Internships), and Angela (Dean of Academic and Professional Success)
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2 days ago

The campus has officially welcomed a new wave of excited and talented students for the upcoming school year. With a wide array of friendly new faces, campus life events are in full swing.

Briana Santirosa '17 a transfer student from San Diego City College shared with us some of her favorite parts of Orientation week.

"It was fun getting to meet all the new incoming students and enjoyed all the orientation ice breakers. I had a great time at Tavern Night, as I was able to connect with the upperclassmen in a fun and relaxed environment!"

Where are you this week Menlo? Use the hashtag #menlowya to be featured in an upcoming story!
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4 days ago

One of the most exciting days of the year is the day when new students arrive on campus. ... See More »See Less »

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1 week ago

A great way to start new academic year! ... See More »See Less »

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1 week ago

Menlo College Student Government prepared lots of fun activities for the Welcome Week. Go to Menlo Roots to see the full schedule: ... See More »See Less »

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